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  • Find high-converting webinars – We represent some of the highest-converting webinars in the industry. Reach out to see what’s hot right now!
  • Set up cross-promos – Some people refer to these as “webinar swaps”, “reciprocals”, etc. It’s a promotion where two businesses promote each other with their email lists.
  • Get affiliates – If you have a high-converting offer, we might be able to connect you with our contacts who promote high-converting offers.
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Nearly every day we have conversations with some of the best marketers on the planet. Because of that, we are kept in the loop with the hottest webinars/offers currently on the market… we know what’s converting right now across many audiences, and can likely help pinpoint an offer that would resonate well with your audience.


We’ve seen the best results with people who A) have an email list and can get 100+ attendees on a webinar and B) their audience is primarily interested in offers related to Internet Marketing, Business Opportunites, eCom, Real Estate Investing, or Finance.


Meet Andy Hussong. Founder of the Endorsed Traffic Pros.

Since 2009, he’s believed that A-list webinar marketers shouldn’t be spending their valuable time sifting and sorting from the dozens of high-converting webinars in their industry to endorse to their audiences. We take this off their plate by reviewing, approving, and scheduling only the best webinar promotions for these marketers. We are contacted all of the time about the latest, greatest webinars to hit the joint venture circuit, and it’s our pleasure to vet these offers so you don’t have to.
Meet “Cousin Vinnie” Leone. Partnership Director for ETP.

Vinnie has been in the online marketing world since 2012. Over the last several years, he’s been in the trenches booking webinar deals for ETP’s clients and contacts.

Odds are, if you end up working with ETP, Vinnie will be an integral part in helping to pinpoint a solid offer for your tribe.

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